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Kirkstall Art Trail Welcomes Hawksworth group

Kirkstall Art Trail are pleased to show work created by a group from Hawksworth. ‘Creative Tuesdays Hawksworth’, which is supported by the Better Together Project (West Leeds), meet every Tuesday morning. Hawksworth is a small estate, built in the early twentieth century, but within the larger Kirkstall ward.

The group has been running for over 7 years, meeting at various locations across West Leeds during that time. The group currently meets at Cragside Close community room. They’re a self-sufficient group, choosing what projects they want to work on, and making small donations towards art materials and refreshments each week. 

They are a friendly and welcoming group who like to natter, drink coffee and craft. They’ve done a range of crafts from crocheting, recycling textiles, decoupage, watercolours, card making, glass painting and more. For Kirkstall Art Trail they will be showing a collaborative textile banner. Their work will be on display at Venue Number 20, St Stephen’s Church.

The theme behind the banner is ‘Love Where You Live’. They told us, “it’s made up of 26 unique patchwork squares that celebrate the things we love about Hawksworth and the Butcher Hill area. Look closely and you’ll see squares dedicated to some of our local schools, Kirkstall Abbey, the unique stonework of St Marys Church and beautiful Hawksworth Woods. Red Kites, dandelions in the garden, foxes in the streets and Chippy tea. This is what we love about where we live.”

Members of the group also shared with us why they love their craft group:

“This group is feeling like you belong.”

“I like being able to share my skills and materials with others, and working on a shared project like the banner helps bring the group closer together.”

“Everyone’s friendly, makes you feel welcome, makes you feel at ease.”

“I don’t have the time to make things or do things for myself at home. So here I make time for myself.”

“Craft group gets you out the house and seeing people.”

The group meet every Tuesday, 10am to 12pm at Cragside Close community room. If you would like to join in why not pop along one Tuesday, or contact Lorna on 07587035295.