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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Kirkstall Art Trail

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We are looking for artists and makers, based in West Leeds and the surrounding areas. We also interested in hearing from creative organisations and workshop facilitators. You can submit your application using CuratorSpace.

Kirkstall Art Trail is creating a culture of inclusion. We are keen to receive applications from artists from all backgrounds. Whether you are an amateur or a professional artist, the support is there.

If you’re not sure about submitting an application, please get in touch with the team.

The deadline for all applications is midnight on Monday 9 April 2024.

The following is an overview:

You can submit up to five examples of your work.

A short artist bio written in first person. We will use this on the website directory if you are successful. Include the style of art you use, and what inspires you to create. There is a limit of 50 words.

A clear description of what you intend to exhibit and/ or your activity. You may wish to describe your idea if it’s still in its initial stages. Or if you are creating specific work for the Trail.

You do not have to provided your own venue, but do let us know if you are. Whether, using your own premises, or pairing up with one provided by friends or family.

— Your social media and website, if you have them

Please note that this is a family friendly event and so keep this in mind when choosing work you wish to show.

Please provide details of any venue accessibility that you will need.

If you struggle with any part of the application form, we will be able to assist you.

If you would like to speak to someone about your requirements, or have any concerns, please get in touch.

We will prioritise applicants based in Kirkstall, West Leeds, and the surrounding areas.

We will also look at whether your proposal will be workable within the trail as a whole. We may contact you for further information before we accept your submission.

We consider barriers that some applicants may face in showing their work. We aim to provide a place for them where it is practicable and possible. We may need to work with you on a solution, or signpost you to a more suitable opportunity.

Once we have assessed your application has, we will notify you with the outcome and next steps.

We aim to inform all artists whether they have been accepted no longer than 3 weeks after the deadline.

Please check that you have turned on the following email notifications in CuratorSpace. You may miss any messages from us if you don’t:

Tell me when someone sends me a message

Tell me when my submission is successfully received by a curator

As Kirkstall Art Trail is a volunteer led organisation, it may take longer than we’d hope. If you have not heard from us more than two months after deadline, please get in touch.

Accepted Submissions

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After you have received a message through CuratorSpace about your acceptance, we will be in touch by email. Please add our email address to your contacts so that messages do not end up in your junk or spam folder. This is

During this time we will be working hard organising the Trail. These jobs include:

finding venues, and then confirming their participation

creating content online for our Artist listing and Artist Entries

checking venue access and creating an online directory

matching artists with a venue

We create an Artist Listing so visitors can see who you are.

We take the information you provided through CuratorSpace to create these. We populate these using the following information:

— Artist Name: this is the name that you gave us and may be different from your ‘real name’.

— Artist bio: this is the short statement you gave us, written in first person. We may have had to rewrite it, or shorten it, to fit in with the rest of the website.

— Online presence: if you have given us your website or social media, we have added this. We check all links, to ensure that they work and are not broken.

— Work for sale: if you intend on selling any work during the Trail. We do not take any commission, so all profits are yours to keep.

— Activity: if you are offering an activity, we will include this. We may need to know if there is any cost, and if it is suitable for children.

In addition to this, we choose one of the images you have sent to us.

Once we complete this, we take a screenshot and email this to you. We do this is to check the  entry is correct. Plus, if there is any missing information, and if you are happy with the image we have used.

In 2024 we had over 100 artists, so this is quite time consuming work for our volunteer team. Getting this right the first time is really helpful.

After we have accepted artists, each applicant is then matched with a suitable venue. We aim to make the matches between artists and venues to the best of our abilities.

We have to consider many factors when doing this. Such as:

You have asked for specific accessibility requirements.

The type of work you are submitting to show.

Some matches may be more complex than others.

Will endeavour to let you know the venue hosting you by June.

We currently do not charge for participation in Kirkstall Art Trail. We are therefore unable to pay individual artists for their involvement. You can sell your work and all profit is yours to keep. You will have to make your own arrangements obtaining a cash float or card reader, we do not supply these.

Subject to our funding support, we may be able to reimburse workshop facilitators. This will be either for all or some of your time and resources.

Facilitators contracted for grant funded projects are not affected by this.

We will ensure that appropriate risk assessments are in place. But as a general safeguard, if you are delivering an activity, you should carry one out as good practice.

Artists must arrange their own insurance. Public and Product Liability insurance is available from  CuratorSpace. This is benefit of their Artist Plus Subscription.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

There are a variety of ways that we publicise the event. For example, social media, local press, posters and flyers, residents networks.

We also encourage you to help us raise awareness of the Art Trail. Use unique hashtags on social media. For example #KirkstallArtTrail2024 #KAT2024 #KAT2024Leeds #CapturingKirkstall and the general #KirkstallArtTrail.

Please follow us and tag us in posts. We have Instagram and Facebook.

When the printed and digital map of the trail are available, it will advertise who is where and what’s on.

Working With the Venue

We would like both host and artist to work with each other, without issue.

Treat each other with respect and dignity.

Remove your rubbish from the premises.

Keep your space clean and tidy.

Look after each others belongings.

In the first instance, once we have matched you to the venue, we ask that you do not contact them before we have introuduced you.

We will email both you and the venue together, along with any other artists who will also be at that venue. This will provide you with the correct names and contacts of all the people you will be with during the Trail.

We ask that when you reply to the first email we send, that you include Kirkstall Art Trail in the recipients. This is to keep us in the loop at this initial point. We can keep a check and see who has confirmed and who we need to chase up.

As volunteers, we have a lot of work to do in organising this event, being able to keep on top of this is imperative.

You do not need to include us in subsequent emails between yourself and the venue.

In your submission, you may have provided details of any venue accessibility that you need. We will have made our decision based on the information that you have given us at the time.

If you believe that the venue is not suitable for your access needs then please let us know straight away. We will make reasonable adjustments and find you a different location.

If you are not comfortable with arrangements, please contact us so we can discuss a solution.

This is something you need to think about. Many of the venues will not want holes in their walls.

These are some ideas of how to display your work:

Easels. They come in many sizes and can be table top as well as floor standing.

Print racks

Table top art display stands

Peg boards

Baskets and nesting boxes

Tiered cake stands

Free standing art display panels

Build your stall up, with small items at the front and larger at the back.

Trial your set up before the day.

You should discuss this with your venue before hand. They may be able to offer solutions that you hadn’t considered.

Most venues will need setting up on the morning of Saturday 20 July, before the trail opens at 11am.

Some venues, installations, or workshops may need to be set up a day or two ahead.

You should work out the times in advance of set up, so you can both make these arrangements.

Trail Weekend

You will have worked out the times you are setting up before the event.

Most venues will need setting up on the morning of Saturday 20 July, before the Trail opens at 11am.

We recommend giving yourself at least an hour to get ready.

Remember to bring with you:

— the work you wish to exhibit

your stock (if you are selling items)

props and displays to put your work on


business cards, information and promotional material

float or card reader

packaging and bags for sales

We prefer that you are present for both days, and to engage with visitors to the Trail.

It may be possible to make reasonable exceptions to this. Please get in touch with us in advance to discuss your needs.

In either case, please don’t leave your stand absent, without making arrangements first.

We understand that it can be a long weekend, and you may need to take wellness breaks.

Please make sure you make arrangements that can give you this access. For example, if you are sharing a venue with other artists, you may create an agreement to cover each other so you can take time away for personal needs.

For refreshment breaks, we recommend taking a packed lunch with you and water to keep you hydrated. Not all venues will have facilities to accommodate this need.


wellness and personal needs


Yes, you are welcome to sell your work. We take no commission from you, so all profits are yours to keep.

If you do intend to sell any of your work, you will have to make you own preparations for this in advance.

You will need to think about obtaining a cash float or card reader, as we do not supply these.

We have numbered signs at each Venue that link with the map. Each sign will have a QR code linked to the Venue Page – where your Artist Entries will be. There is also a separate Artist Listing on the website, with your online details.

Personal interactions with visitors can be invaluable.

Write a short bio about yourself to put on the table. If you’re busy talking with one visitor, another can read about you.

Signpost visitors to further information about your work.

Have business cards, or a poster with your details on (you can print a simple one at home).

Make use of QR codes. This is an instant way for visitors to find your social media or website. QRCode Monkey is a 100% free QR code generator.

Remember some visitors may be shy and/ or don’t like to chit-chat, so those little extras are handy.

Although you may engage with a lot of people, some may have an interest in you and want to buy something at a later date.

The Trail finishes at 5pm (4pm if you are at either the Abbey or Museum sites), on Sunday 21 July 2024.

You will have made arrangements with your venue in advance about packing up your stall.

At the close of the Trail, please begin to pack up, de-install, and remove all your belongings. Please leave the venue and your space as clean and tidy as possible.

Some venues may need you to remove and store work elsewhere at the close of the Saturday. They will have made this known to you prior to the weekend.

Private residences and houses

Important Information

Kirkstall Art Trail purchases a Public Liability Insurance that covers all of our venues, whether they are private, public or business.

If you have any queries about this insurance and what it covers, please contact Jim Corah directly, via the following email

Individual artists must have their own Insurance, which will cover their artwork. See Information for Artists – ‘What about insurance and risk assessments?’.

We provide an overarching Art Trail risk assessment, which all venues and artists need to adhere to. This will be made available to you after all venues and artists have been confirmed.

If there any separate risks that you think are not covered by this risk assessment, please get in touch with us immediately so that we can ensure that we are all covered.

The risk assessment covers most aspects of Health and Safety.

We also ask for access descriptions from all venues. This information is used for the online venue guides.

If you think there is something that isn’t covered, you are worried or have any concerns please get in touch with us immediately.

Closer to the trail, and once we have confirmed all artists and venues, the website will have both an Artist Listing and a Venue Listing.

Clicking on the links on the Venue Listing takes you to individual Venue guides. These give visitors extra information so they can plan their visit to the Trail better. The venue is also numbered in accordance to it’s location on the map.

The page lists information about each of the artists and activities in that venue. It also lists the following information:

— Type of venue: what type of building it is, e.g. business, residential, heritage etc.

— Access: a description of access into the venue, such as steps, the ground level and surface, width of doors, grab rails etc. Sadly not all venues will be wheelchair friendly.

Dog friendly: whether dogs are allowed inside the venue. If it has been provided, there may be extra relevant information.

— Toilets: whether there are toilets, whether they are accessible, and if there are baby changing units

— Refreshments: whether there are any refreshments available. If it has been provided, there may be extra relevant information.

We will ask all venues for this information, and a photograph of their property.

All venues will receive a Welcome Pack.

These packs contain (this list is not exhaustive):

risk assessment

set-up checklist

photography consent notice (disclaimer)

monitoring form

visitor book and pencil

signage for each venue and blu-tak

yellow bunting

If you still have any questions after you have received your pack or you need extra signage please contact us.

We ask that all packs are returned to us. Reusing pack contents where we can reduces our costs in subsequent years. Reusing pack contents also helps us with achieving our Enviromental Committment. 

Preparing for the Trail

The Art Trail is open from 11am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.

You also need to arrange with the Artists exhibiting in your home when they can set up their exhibit. We suggest at least an hour before opening.

Put away all valuables, and anything you don’t want displayed to the public, in a room you won’t be opening. Mark these areas as private with the signs provided in your Welcome Pack.
De-clutter and clean the rooms you are opening. Use the risk assessment provided in the Welcome Pack to check for any areas that need addressing.

You will need to discuss with the artists exhbiting in your home, in advance, about how they will be displaying their work. See ‘How can I display my work’ in the Information for Artists – Working with the Venue section.

We do not expect any private residences to provide refreshments for visitors.

If you do decide provide tea and cake, think about the size of your space, the supply of crockery, and clean up.

Please note that charging for alcohol is illegal without a licence.

We do not expect any private houses to provide a toilet for visitors.

However, if you do decided to permit visitors to use your toilet, this is at your own volition.

Do not leave your space unattended, the artist or the host should be there at all times.

Also see ‘What about breaks?’ in the Information for Aritists – Trail Weekend section.

Kirkstall Art Trail uses Instagram and Facebook and posts throughout the year, intensifying in the lead up to the event in July. We also make use of local news, and sharing in local network groups.

When the printed and digital map of the trail are available, it will advertise who is where and what’s on.

We are sharing regular news on our website, and working towards building an audience who have signed up to receive news from us.

We currently have 2, 400 followers on Instagram, and 1,500 followers on Facebook. You can follow us on Instagram @kirkstallarttrail and on Facebook.

We encourage you to share on social media, be sure to tag us into the post.

See also, ‘How can I help promote Kirkstall Art Trail?’ in the Information for Artists – Accepted Submissions section.

Accessibility Commitment

We are dedicated to helping people make better informed decisions before they visit Kirkstall.

Every venue will have its own page with access detailed as fully as we can.

We are always working on ways to help visitors access the website in an intuative way.

We are always open to suggestions on how we can make the Trail better for you, or improve access on this website.

Due to the variety of our venues, we cannot ensure full access for all people with disabilities.

For example, some of the venues that we use have stepped entrances, or narrow doorways.

Where we can, we will write clear descriptions of venues, so you can choose to visit or not. These will be available to see on individual Venue pages.

Please be aware, that we do not have control over the third party premises that we use.

Sometimes when you are going to a new area, you will be unfamiliar with the location. Finding your way around can be daunting.

We have prepared different ways that we can help you find a venue.


Our Digital Map shows the locations for toilets, bus stops, parking, and places for refreshment, along with all of our venues. The individual markers, when clicked upon, have further useful information.

— We have paper maps that are available to pick up at every venue. These are especially useful for people who, for whatever reason, prefer to use them rather than digital.

Each venue has it’s own what3words. These are a unique combination of three words, so that you can pinpoint exactly where it is on a map. This is especially useful for locations that are not immediately obvious.


We have taken a photograph of each venue, so that you have an idea of what it looks like beforehand. You can find these on the Venue Listing page and on individual Venue pages.


Bunting and balloons in yellow, displayed at every venue.

Arrows and notices pointing out the direction for difficult to find locations.

Signs at every venue, with ‘Kirkstall Art Trail’ at the top and a Venue Number that matches the map.

Kirkstall Art Trail can get noisy and busy with crowds. If you are wanting to avoid this, we suggest arriving at 11am when the trail is at its quietest.

There are several locations dotted around the Trail that are there for anyone who needs assistance.

These are:

Kirkstall Abbey – The staff will be able to offer you assistance, and a quiet space if required.

Abbey House Museum – The staff will be able to offer you assistance, and a quiet space if required.

Hollybush Conservation Centre – The staff will be able to offer you assistance, and a quiet space if required.

24 Norman View – the host has both a working and personal knowledge of this accessibility need. They also have a small dog, but he does enjoy fusses.

10 Norman Mount – they welcome people to sit and have a quiet moment.

Most individual venues will have limited access to toilets, especially in private residences.

We have labelled toilets that will be open to the public on the maps.

There are accessible toilets at some of our sites.

There is also a Changing Places toilet in Kirkstall. You can find it at Abbey House Museum, it opens on 19 July 2024. You can find out more on the Changing Places Toilets website.

There is accessibility widget that you can use to change the screen. Such as text size, contrast, saturation, pause animation, and hide images. You can find out more about that in the Website Accessibility Statement.

We also use ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) labels. These are hidden code, which are added to HTML elements (such as links to webpages and images). They provide extra information about the elements purpose and functionality. This helps assistive technology, such as screen readers. These ARIA labels, are sometimes known as ‘alt text’ when applied to images.

In addition to this, we have used a language editor. This helps to make the majority of our text easier to read and understand.

We give links correct and uniform labels, so that you know what pages or websites you will be opening. We have made sure they don’t open unexpectedly in another tab.

Further to this, we have a Site Map. This lists all the pages and internal links that you can find on the website. You can find a link to the Site Map in the footer of the page. As well as this, you can find the standard navigation menu at the top of the page.

Kirkstall Art Trail is creating a culture of inclusion.

There are many different types of underrepresentation within the arts. Removing the barriers to participation is important to us, where it is possible. Our aim is to be a more diverse and inclusive community, but we acknowledge that this can be a challenge.

We want a Kirkstall where everyone feels art is for them, no matter their background. We ask participants and visitors treat all the people they meet with dignity and respect.

We have an Equality. Diversity and Inclusion Policy that can give you further information.

Environmental Commitment

We recognise the environmental impacts of organising and hosting the Trail. We seek to minimise these impacts where it is possible.

For example, we reuse promotional materials, or recycle if they are date sensitive. We have stopped using balloons, and made more of the signage that is given to host venues to display resuable for subsequent years.

Whilst we make use of digital applications where we can, we understand that this is not always accessible for everyone. We do not wish to make anyone feel unwelcome, so we will continue to print limited copies of the map for this purpose.

We ask Artists to think about their impact on the environment:

Consider sustainable practices and actions.

Think about the materials that they use.

Limit any excess waste where they can.

Think about the kind of bags and packaging they use for sales.

Whilst we ask this, we cannot guarantee individual Artists environmental commitment.

There are many public waste bins located around the Kirkstall area. If they are overflowing, please do not drop your waste nearby, as it can end up lost in the environment.

Venues may not have the facilities to remove visitors waste.

We ask that visitors take their litter home with them.

Bring a reusable bag if you are preparing to buy any art from our makers.

We request that you choose to use public transport or if you are able, more active forms of travel.

By Bus: there are regular buses into Kirkstall. You can plan your journey on the WY Metro website.

By Train: there are 2 train stations in Kirkstall. You can plan your journey by train using the same WY Metro website. Headingley is the closest, with Kirkstall Forge about 30 minutes walk to the Trail.

By bicyle: if you have your own cycle and plan to use that, you can plan your journey using Cycle Connect. The Kirkstall Art Trail map (when published) lists the cycle stands around Kirkstall. There are many cycle stands around Kirkstall. This includes secure bike parking at Hollybush and Lilac Grove, plus stands at Kirkstall Abbey, Kirkstall Leisure Centre, and the large retail carparks.

Disabled car parking spaces: the Digital Map lists these spaces where we have knowledge of them.