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Venue Number 37C

stone building, conservation centre.

a two-minute walk from bus stops at the Bridge Shopping Centre (numbers 91 and 49) and Kirkstall Morrisons/Kirkstall Road (numbers 33,34,35 and 508). Step-free access and Wheel-chair access. The entrance to the Classroom is opposite the main house and barn. A ramp leads up into the classroom, which is on one level.

yes, please keep on a lead.

yes, there are gender neutral accessible toilets. There is also a baby changing space.

yes, the cafe sells a range of hot and cold drinks, light meals and cake, all vegetarian or vegan.

Artist/ Activity

Name: Penelope Pendle Hayes

Art form: pottery

Artist bio: “I work predominately with clay which gives me a totally flexible material to work with. The direct involvement with the material without the use of many tools or equipment in the making process provides a very personal interaction with the clay.”

Instagram: @phayes2074


Work for sale: yes

Activity: Creating Japanese ‘Chawan’ – tea drinking bowls. 

During the weekend of the trail visitors are invited to make their own tea bowls using the ‘pinch pot’ technique in clay. Which will then be taken away and fired.

But this is not where the workshop ends. What makes a bowl ‘chawan’? The simple answer is the act of preparing and drinking tea from it. The makers will be invited to return for a ‘Tea Party’ to perform this tea ceremony, to drink from their creations and take them home. 

The ‘Tea Party’ will be held at Sunny Bank Mills on Sunday 11 August at 2.30 – 4 pm. Participants will be able to sample their bowls and collect them.

Suitable for children: yes, children must be accompanied by an adult.

Cost: £5

Note: Please note that Kirkstall Art Trail will not be involved in the management of this activity and that all communication will be made separately with you by Penelope.

an example of Penelope Pendle Hayes's work