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Venue Number 37B

an energy efficient wooden building, conservation centre.

a two-minute walk from bus stops at the Bridge Shopping Centre (numbers 91 and 49) and Kirkstall Morrisons/Kirkstall Road (numbers 33,34,35 and 508). Step-free access and Wheel-chair access. The Roundhouse is located to the left of the entrance gate, access into the building is on one level.

yes, please keep on a lead.

yes, there are gender neutral accessible toilets. There is also a baby changing unit.

yes, the cafe sells a range of hot and cold drinks, light meals and cake, all vegetarian or vegan.


Name: Meg Erridge

Art form: sculpture, fine art

Artist bio: “having recently graduated from the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, I am navigating the challenges of working outside of an institution for the first time. My recent work grapples with what it means to form networks outside of established power structures, and how art and the art community might be used as tools for political dissent. Much of my work is performance-based, and the objects I make might be seen as props, records of previous performances, or propositions for future works. I am also the winner of the Henry Moore Institute’s 2023 BA Dissertation Prize for my lyric essay on one-way mirrors and state surveillance.”

Instagram: @megs_not_home

Work for sale: yes


Name: Phee Jefferies

Art form: sculpture

Artist bio: “I like to question our ideas of reality through hyper-realistic installations exploring absurdist takes on various aspects of human life.”


Instagram: @pheemakesthings

YouTube: Phee Jefferies

Work for sale: yes (some pieces are up for sale)

an example of Phee Jefferies' work


Name: Turningbrown

Art form: woodwork

Artist bio: “I use sustainable recycled and found materials, with interesting and unique wood that often includes natural edges, knot holes, and other naturally occurring imperfections. I strive to keep these qualities in my work to express the woods natural beauty.”


Instagram: @turning_brown

Work for sale: yes

an example of Turningbrown's work