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Venue Number 37A

stone built barn, conservation centre.

a two-minute walk from bus stops at the Bridge Shopping Centre (numbers 91 and 49) and Kirkstall Morrisons/Kirkstall Road (numbers 33,34,35 and 508). Step-free access and Wheel-chair access. The Barn is one of the main buildings, the floor is on one level, but it is an uneven surface.

yes, please keep on a lead.

yes, there a block of gender neutral accessible toilets. There is also a baby changing unit.

yes, the cafe sells a range of hot and cold drinks, light meals and cake, all vegetarian or vegan.

entrance to the Barn


Name: Charlie Burman

Art form: painting, printing, drawing, illustration

Artist bio: “for me, painting is my attempt to understand my emotional response to the beauty of the natural world: the relationship between the eye, the hand, and the heart. From sketches and photographs made in the field, I work mostly in the studio, though I like to work `en plein air` whenever possible.”


Work for sale: yes

an example of Charlie Burman's work


Name: Dea

Art form: pen and ink, drawing, sculptural ceramics

Artist bio: “I love nature and work as a gardener so have regular contact with plants and beasts. I feel this is strongly reflected in my work, as my drawings and sculpture are organic in nature – although of their own world. Repetitive patterns are also a feature, I enjoy the meditative process when creating them.”


Work for sale: yes

an example of Dea's work


Name: Kate Evans

Art form: painting

Artist bio: “I’ve been painting for over forty years, creating my own technique. I cut out shapes in recycled plywood, paint them in acrylics, and then compose them into a final picture. My main subjects are still life, animals and plants. More recently I’ve been painting fridge magnets, which I hope to exhibit and sell.”

Facebook: Kate Evans Painted Fretwork

Work for sale: yes

an example of Kate Evan's work


Name: Ksenija Astra

Art form: illustration, digital art

Artist bio: “I’m an artist, illustrator and a graphic novel author. I have a keen interest in history and the people of the past. I explore the beauty of human condition and try and bring the people of the past back to life.”

Instagram: @ksenija.astra

Work for sale: n/a

an example of Ksenija Astra's work


Name: Loretta Spence

Art form: mixed media, printing, collage

Artist bio: “I am a mixed media artist working with collage and print, my work explores abstraction of landscapes and the natural world.”

Instagram: @spencel_art

Work for sale: yes

an example of Loretta Spence's work


Name: Marcia Harding

Art form: photography, collage, mixed media

Artist bio: “I paint and create abstract multi-media and collage art. I also take photographs.”

Instagram: @corinnemarcia15

Work for sale: yes

work by Marica Harding


Name: Philip Goulding O’Brien

Art form: sculpture, stone

Artist bio: “I am inspired by early 20th century art, modernism and medieval grotesques, I create original, often semi-abstract, hand-carved sculptures in stone.”


Instagram: @philipobriensculpture

Work for sale: yes

an example of Philip Goulding O'Brien's work


Name: Sophie Smith Creative

Art form: mixed media, painting, collage

Artist bio: “I create mixed media abstract art. Mossy walls, knobbly trees, and rickety old wooden structures are a constant source of inspiration, where the textures and lines draw me in. My work is tactile as I use collage and mixed media. I create layers, covering them over to make something that is not only visually interesting, but also to the touch.”

Website: Sophie Smith Creative Etsy

Instagram: @Sophie.Smith.Creative

Work for sale: yes

example of Sophie Smith's art


Name: Stuart Gadd

Art form: ceramics

Artist bio: “I make unique hand built ceramic pieces that are functional and show the versatility and beauty of the clay.”

Instagram: @stuartgaddceramics

Work for sale: yes

an example of Stuart Gadd's work